Re: SGML (Was: Re: Multi-Lingual Project Gutenberg (was: Unicode plain text))

From: John Fieber (
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 11:55:51 EDT

On Wed, 28 May 1997, Unicode Discussion wrote:

> Sorry for asking a maybe trivial question (and for
> getting a bit off-track):
> > which is English with HTML 3.2 markup
> What "in English"? English markup or English
> "proper text"?

In the public identifier, the language simply specifies what
(human) language the object in question, a DTD in this case, was
written in. It is generally for human consumption and rarely if
ever used by the processing system. How language is identified
in the document itself depends on the the DTD. There is somewhat
of a convention of giving elements an optional "lang" attribute
taking a two or three letter language identifier.


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