Re: Aust Aboriginal languages

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Sun Jun 01 1997 - 14:37:47 EDT


> Misha - nobody responded with any ideas about how to get the Aust
> Aboriginal chars in the set - what should I do next please

It may be that people found the original request too vague. I think
what is needed is a statement of the problem. Though I no longer
have your original mail, I think it didn't provide any details. I
suggest you do the following (you may have already done some of

1. Get onto the Unicode mailing list (see the instructions on the
    Unicode Web site at

2. Get hold of a copy of the Unicode book (published July 1996).

3. Check whether the characters concerned are in the book.

4. If not, write a mail to the Unicode list, outlining the issues,
    in particular:
    - What are the names of the languages?
    - Approx how many chars are missing?
    - What script(s) do they fit into? The Latin script? Other

If you run into problems, please mail me again.



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