Re: Comments on <draft-ietf-acap-mlsf-00.txt>?

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 09:23:29 EDT

> >>What about any multilingual descriptive string which a blind user might
> >>need to hear?
> >
> >This is true, but seems like a rare case (the multilingual aspect).
> Rare is not an acceptable retort; if it can happen, it will happen, and the
> protocol must deal with it.

So what you and Mark are supposing is a case something like the

- I am getting a stream of say, English text with mixed French words,
    "My friend said 'Pas que je sache'."

- I understand both French and English.

- I have both French and English text-to-speech software installed.

- My speech software can't detect when it starts hitting words that are
not in its dictionary.

- I hear the phrase as (assuming the common case where the software
spells words it doesn't know):
    "My friend said 'p-a-s q-u-e j-e s-a-c-h-e'"

- What I really wanted was to hear:
    "My friend said 'paw kuh juh sosh'"

Is this the kind of scenario you are thinking of?

> >It seems like descriptive text would be a good application for rich text,
> >but if that's not acceptable I guess I don't see why plain Unicode isn't
> >good enough for this.
> Again, what happens if the two languages being used are Chinese and Japanese?
> Some sort of protocol is needed to distinguish at least CJK for rendering
> of text (whether on the screen or in speech or whatever). Tagging at the

Why? What is the scenario that is driving this (as per previous

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