Re:MITI seeks to develop an Asian standard for char. encoding

Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 11:28:57 EDT

There was some interest re: the May 3rd issue of Nikkei which said that MITI is seeking to develop an
Asian standard for character encoding through a joint project with seven Asian countries. It said that
countries participating in the research will be South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan. It went on
to say that the project is planned to take three years after which Japan intends to submit the standard to
ISO to have it approved as an international standard.

According to our contact at the Information and Electric Standardization Division of the
Agency of Industrial Science and Technology [(AIST)] of MITI [http://], their office just began discussing the standardization plan and the possibility of
international standardization of character encoding. He said that the plan "intends to use UCS (ISO10646)
which utilizes the UNICODE system."

We will be tracking the development of the plan and reinforcing the importance of using already existing

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