Re: Yet another Unihan Q (was Re: Comments on <draft...)

From: Martin J. Duerst (
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 07:15:39 EDT

On Thu, 5 Jun 1997, Adrian Havill wrote:

> Jenkins wrote:

> > FACT. Han unification allows for the possibility that a Japanese user
> > might be required to use a Chinese font to display some Japanese text
> > (e.g., if it uses a rare kanji).
> I hate to be obtuse, but I'm confused. By "[using] a Chinese font" to
> "[use] a rare kanji", do you mean:
> - use another font to get a rare kanji, but having to accept the fact
> that certain parts of the character in the Chinese font may not be
> orthangonal with the rest of the Japanese text. (i.e. having to accept
> that the character in the other font uses a 4 stroke "grass" radical
> (#140) instead of a 3-stroke, which surrounding characters may use and
> cause the oddball radical to stand out), or
> - use another font to get a rare kanji, but having to accept the
> typeface difference (the Z-axis in the 3-D model) that would cause the
> characters to stand out from the surrounding characters. (A rough
> analogy being to having the letter "g" and "d" and "j" in "jackdaws love
> my big sphinx of quartz." * in Arial but the rest of the sentence in
> Helvetica, where the "g", "d", and "j" are the 'rare kanji')

It's usually buth at the same time with the current state of fonts.
For visual impression, readability,... the second point is much more
of a problem than the first.

Regards, Martin.

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