Re: Yet another Unihan Q

From: jenkins (
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 13:09:40 EDT

On 6/6/97 12:02 AM Kai-hsu Tai ( wrote:

>So, pertaining to Unicode, here is the issue. If U+9EC3 and U+9EC4 are
>listed at different codepoints, shouldn't all the followers (U+9EC5 to
>U+9ECC) have duplicate codepoints too? Or is this because that the source
>character sets didn't have the unlisted counterparts? I haven't got time
>to look at these characters in the TUS CD, and don't care enough either.

U+9EC3 and U+9EC4 are separated only because of the source code
separation rule (they're both in CNS 11643).

John H. Jenkins

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