Re: Plane 14 codes for language tagging?

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Sat Jun 07 1997 - 12:24:52 EDT

> > > My personal preference is for number 2. I kind of like Martin's proposal
> > > for introducing a plain-text language tag using a control code, and I
> > > think the existing control codes are fine.
> Good idea. Indeed the C1 area is not used in the Internet as far as I know.
There are still such things as terminals that use C1 control codes such as
CSI, APC, OSC, etc (primarily VT220 and higher, which are the predominant
types used by emulators such Kermit, Xterm, DECterm, etc). Do we intend that
Unicode and terminal-to-host communication will become mutually exclusive

- Frank

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