Re: RFC 1766 language tags

From: Jordan Reiter (
Date: Fri Jun 13 1997 - 21:52:13 EDT

At 9:57 AM -0700 6/13/97, Ned Freed wrote:
>I support the addition of an "unknown language" code to RFC1766. This is
>whenever text from one source is inserted into text from another, and the
>inserted text doesn't have lanugage tags on it.

Not to mention the use of imaginary or nonsense languages, which really
don't merit the creation of new codes.

I also wonder how the issue of various dialects is going to be addressed.
I personally am fluent in only one language (because I'm an American ;-7),
so all of my web pages have been in a single language. I wonder, aside
perhaps from character set configuration, what reasons there are for
defining the language of a block of text?

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