Re: Language tags in LDAP

Date: Sun Jun 15 1997 - 04:06:08 EDT

You see why I tried to write RFC 1766 in such a way that it did
not have to take a stand on what is or is not a language.....

I think the distinction between "language", "dialect" and
"language family" is a battlefield which the computing community
should leave to the professionals of this fields.

The distinction that protocols should see is between "precision
to which someone thinks it useful to tag text" and "precision to
which nobody thinks it useful to tag text".

RFC 1766 makes a weak effort at being somewhat obnoxious, in that
it requires a published definition of the language or sublanguage
to be registered; after all, without a definition, there is no way
we can tell if we are talking about the same thing or not.

My thought was that this would get registrations for sublanguages where
people thought it useful to mark text at that level, and no registrations
when people did not think it useful.

So far, very few peole seem to think it useful...

                   Harald A

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