Help: Pashto CodePage for Arabic Win3x Win95

From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 10:30:08 EDT

I know that there is a way to create a Pashto code page, and I suspect
someone has done it. Likewise for other languages using Arabic Extended
Characters. I have seen Urdu products, for example. Can anyone help with
this problem? Is Pashto supported in any Unicode development tools?

Pashto is a major language of Afghanistan, and is important in several
nearby countries, especially Pakistan.

>>Reply-To: (N. R. Liwal)
>>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 15:48:51
>>Subject: Help: Pashto CodePage for Arabic Win3x Win95
>>From: (N. R. Liwal)
>>Dear Sir;
>>I have read your article on Tango in Multilingual.... I hope you can
>>help me solve my probem which is:
>>WINDOWS 3.X SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT (Or Enable The Arabic Windows 95 Or
>>Arabic Windows 3.X Type Pashto).
>>Pashto is a superset of Arabic with 14 extra characters. According to
>>Unicode Standard Version 2.0, character Block Arabic U+0600 - U+06FF
>>have all the Pashto characters. Pashto and many other characters of
>>other languages based on Arabic alphabet are sometime referenced
>>Arabic-Extended Characters. The Windows 95 Code Page 1256 contains
>>all Arabic Characters. I want to add the 14 characters of Pashto to
>>1256 Code Page of Arabic Windows or prepare a new code page and
>>install it in Windows 95.and remap the keyboard.
>>Is there any way to do this?
>>Is there any low cost Utility to do this?
>>Or only Microsoft can do that?
>>Yours Sincerely;
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