Re: CJK tags - Fish or cut bait

From: Pete Resnick (
Date: Sat Jun 21 1997 - 13:01:00 EDT

On 6/21/97 at 5:07 AM -0500, Michael Everson wrote:

>Such tagging is sort of what WorldScript does -- but it's defined by the ID
>of the font being used to type at the moment. So somewhere (I guess within
>Eudora) there would be a table relating the font ID to a language.

Actually, there is no such table. So long as I have language information
(or more likely script information), I can ask the system what font
corresponds to it, and the system can convert from font to script easily.
In a message, I don't have a problem storing that information; I can use
text/enriched or text/html or Content-Language headers, or any other sort
of markup to store the required info. But in places like the Subject lists
in mailbox windows or the Real Name field in the Address Book, the overhead
for tags of that sort, both in storage space and processing time, is far
too burdensome. That's why I want simple 1-character tags.


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