Re: CJK tags - Fish or cut bait

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Jun 22 1997 - 06:33:45 EDT

Ar 20:39 -0700 1997-06-21, scríobh John Jenkins:
>On 6/21/97 10:01 AM Pete Resnick ( wrote:
>>I don't necessarily see how any OS (Macintosh or otherwise) could possibly
>>deal with 16-bit Unicode as editable plain text without some sort of CJK
>>distinction. We all have to deal with input methods at some point.
>Yes, but as I see it, the issue is whether the user wants to be switching
>input methods back and forth all the time (or will even have more than
>one installed).

I have Cyrillic and Greek and Inuktitut and Latin and Georgian installed.
When I switch languages I have to switch input methods back and forth. I've
used WS Chinese before, inputting by pinyin, and if I had Japanese I would
expect to type romaji. Switching is no problem.

>Actually, the original proposal came from Kobayashi-san at Justsystem,
>not from me. (It was just funnelled through me.)
>The proposal was to add four source disambiguation characters for Unihan.
> This is, you will note, slightly different from the language tagging
>that Pete's been talking about.

Are those 4 related to C, J, K, V, S?

>Er, actually, the Macintosh Unicode converter handles UTF-16 text without
>the slightest problems, not a burp, not a hiccup.

Um, is this just testing or can I have one, John? :-)

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