The Relation between CJK Characters & GBK Code.

From: YAHAGI Hironori (
Date: Mon Jun 23 1997 - 22:05:21 EDT

24th June 1997

Dear List Members

I am interested in Chinese code. And recently I have heard that GBK code,
used in Simplified Chinese Character version of Windows 95, is based
on CJK Characters. But I don't know the relation between both sets.
I would appreciate it if anyone could kindly anser my following

1.When and who enacted GBK code?

2.Is GBK code equivalent to GB 13000.1-1995?

3.Do both sets, that is, CJK and GBK have the same characters only in
  common, but have different code values each other?

4.Can GB code files be displayed using GBK code?

5.Is there any nome page or papers about GBK code?

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