Re: LastResort BDF font updated

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Tue Jun 24 1997 - 00:13:23 EDT

    Glen> It seems to me that that it might be useful to have a second set of
    Glen> glyphs for LastResort purposes that didn't use a character from the
    Glen> script as the mnemonic so it would be easier to remember what they
    Glen> stood for and so it would be easier for the average unicode user to
    Glen> distinguish one from another.

Your reply is a little late, Glen! I had a bet for a free lunch that someone
would want a font containing glyphs with English-based mnemonics within 24
hours of my first post about the font last week. Oh well. Guess I'll have to
cadge my meals elsewhere :-)

With apologies to Ogden Nash:

  "Names cause everyone to complain, but pictures quickly become fixtures."

Opinion: it did not take people long to learn all those international icons
for things like bathrooms and airports. I do not think there is any reason to
expect people to learn these much slower, do you?
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