Re: Terminal Archaeology (was: MES)

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 23:22:40 EDT

At 19:49 02/07/97 -0400, Markus G. Kuhn wrote:
>Jonathan Rosenne wrote on 1997-07-02 23:12 UTC:
>> Even the VT 100 could display Hebrew. The visual bidi methods used by it
>> were probably more complicated than the Unicode algorithm.
>Sure? Is the exact model identifier "DEC VT100"? Or are you just talking
>about one of the zillions of "VT100 compatible" terminals out there,
>some of which certainly have bidi support as defined in ISO 6429.

The models that were sold in Israel. They were not compatible with 6429.


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