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Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 12:45:48 EDT

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>Does anybody knows the present status of Han-Nom characters encoding in
>Unicode standard? The TCVN-NSCII is speaking about a CJKV as a
>compatible extension of Unicode CJK for the Han-based Nom script. What's
>for ?

Basically, Vietnam is a member of the Ideographic Rapporteur Group.
They've submitted a national character set that meets their immediate
needs for the encoding of Chu Nom, which has been accepted by the IRG and
incorported into the two current IRG ideograph proposals:

The Horizontal Supplementation, which adds new mappings to the ones
already found in Unihan (and does not require any new code points), and

The Vertical Extension, which will add some 6600 new ideographs to
Unicode. The VE is currently proposed to be included in the BMP
beginning at U+3400 (taking over the old space used by the deprecated
precomposed Hangul).

John H. Jenkins

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