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From: Markus G. Kuhn (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 15:39:08 EDT

"Unicode Discussion" wrote on 1997-07-08 15:49 UTC:
> On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Chris Pratley wrote:
> > Erik raised an option of writing the actual byte value of the characters
> > in the file. It was my understanding that this can cause trouble in some
> > Unix servers that are not expecting byte vales in the 0x80-0x9F range.
> > Can someone comment here?
> I wouldn't know why. They can server .gif's, which certainly contain
> these values. There is a very slight probability that this happens
> with something like server side includes, but I really doubt it.

In addition, if there really should be out there any server who has
problems with bytes 128-159 inside HTML files (I have never encountered
such a server), then this server should be fixed as soon as possible,
because UTF-8 files also contain bytes in the 128-159 range and this
save server would not be able to serve UTF-8 HTML files!

Therefore these unconfirmed rumours about Unix server that cannot handle
the bytes 0x80-0x9F in HTML files are in my opinion no reason for violating
the HTML standard by using NCRs in the range € to Ÿ
for CP1252 characters.


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