Re: EURO SIGN in Unicode

From: Markus G. Kuhn (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 16:02:26 EDT

Kenneth Whistler wrote on 1997-07-08 19:10 UTC:
> The following character has already been accepted for the Unicode
> Standard by the Unicode Technical Committee:
> It was presumably discussed at the WG2 meeting last week in Crete for
> parallel addition to ISO/IEC 10646.

Thanks for the update!

Was there some discussion about how the existing strange character


originally got into Unicode? There was some suspicion on comp.std.internat
raised that this position was originally intended as a place holder for the
euro symbol, but at the time the Unicode standard was printed, it was not
known yet what this symbol will eventually look like, so someone made up
this C/E symbol.

I am pretty sure that the symbol currently shown in U+20A0 is nowhere used.
I remember another rumour that the EURO-CURRENCY sign was invented as
a placeholder by the designer of some teletext character set, but I
checked briefly recently all commonly used teletext character sets
in a Philips data sheet and I didn't find anything like it

Anyway, a related question: How well are the design decisions for
Unicode documented. Is there any rational database where there is
some comment text stored for every character that explains why this
character was added and what other references justified the addition
of this character? If not, something like this would be very useful
to have.


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