Re: Usage of CP1252 characters

From: Alain LaBont/e'/ SCT (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 23:33:48 EDT

A 12:11 07/07/97 -0700, Brendan a écrit :
>Ken Whistler claims that the IANA character set
>"ISO-8859-1-Windows-3.1-Latin-1" is identical to CP1252.
>To the best of my knowledge, this was true only up to Windows 3.11, when MS
>added extra characters to the C1 range. In fact, in Win 2 and 3.1, the only
>characters available in that range were 0x91 and 0x92 (left & right single
>quotation mark). However, with the recent addition of the Euro at 0x80, as
>well as the other additions as of Win 3.11, CP1252 has deviated to the
>extent that it's no longer what was registered.

[Alain] :

Under Windows 3.11 (which I still use on one of my 3 machines), the OE
ligatures are also present at least and also the uppercase Y DIAERESIS.
We have problem transmitting those characters to mainframes (and to DOS,
and to pure Latin-1-conformant machines, etc.) as they stay in limbo
(whence Latin 0 btw, which would not necessarily require a change under
Windows, but it would help translation tables from Windows to EBCDIC-CECP
code pages and the rest of the world in assuring standard transmission).

Just FYI. That said, I don't know what was registered though. I trust
Brendan and others.

Alain LaBonté

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