availability of "ASCII and EBCDIC Character Set and Code Issues i n SAA"

From: Hart, Edwin F. (HartEF1@APLMSG.JHUAPL.EDU)
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 14:15:39 EDT

Thank you Tony for the advertisement.

The document is only available on paper from SHARE Inc. I believe that
the cost is around 35 USD plus shipping.

401 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611-4267
e-mail: sharehq@share.org
tel: +1-312-321-5160
fax: +1-312-644-6363

The document was prepared on an IBM mainframe using IBM's GML (general
markup language) and contained lots of unusual characters (for the time
of 1987-1989) that required switching the (EBCDIC) code tables to print

The combination of the book by McKenzie (cited in an earlier message)
and the "ASCII-EBCDIC" paper should give you a flavor for the
development of EBCDIC in parallel with national versions of ISO/IEC 646,
and the ISO/IEC 8859 series of standards. Note that "EBCDIC" is a
family of codes, rather than a single code.

Best regards,
Ed Hart
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                On 8 Jul 97 at 12:17, Ken Whistler wrote:

> But the "horse's mouth", so to speak is:
> Character Data Representation Architecture Reference
and Registry
> (CDRA), Document SC09-2190-00, Second Edition,
December 1995. IBM.

                This is an excellent reference, but it contains almost
no history or
                context. As well as the references others have given,
I'd suggest
                the SHARE publication "ASCII and EBCDIC Character Set
and Code Issues
                in Systems Application Architecture" (1989). This is
probably still
                available on paper from SHARE Inc. in Chicago as SSD
#366. This book
                is largely the work of Ed Hart, and perhaps he can tell
us if it's
                available on line somewhere. Certainly a number of
people on this
                list were active in this stuff way back in 1989...

                To really understand EBCDIC and its context requires
                understanding of its punched-card background. It is
also helpful to
                know something about the IBM 2741 typewriter terminal (a
                device, btw), and very important to know something of
the IBM 3270
                series display terminal architecture.

                . . .

                Tony Harminc

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