Re: Additions to code page 1252

From: Tony Harminc (
Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 12:23:57 EDT

On 9 Jul 97 at 19:57, Lori Brownell ( wrote:

> We plan on adding the following 2 mappings to the Windows code page 1252
> definition so that this encoding will be a superset of the new ISO 8859
> encoding.
> 0x8e = U+017d Latin Capital Letter Z With Caron
> 0x9e = U+017e Latin Small Letter Z With Caron

Um, can you clarify for me ? You say you are going to add two
mappings, but it sounds as though you are going to add two characters
to the repertoire at codepoints that won't be the same as those in
the nascent 8859-n. And you are going to continue to call it Windows
code page 1252 , with no indication that it isn't the same as the
Windows code page 1252 that other people may have installed ?

Tony Harminc

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