Netscape 4.01 & UTF-8 mail

From: David Goldsmith (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 21:19:56 EDT

>No, this is not really a bug. We simply don't allow you send out email
>in certain encoding. We always convert UTF8 back to UTF7 when we send
>out email. We should probably take out (or grey out some item ) in the
>encoding menu when user do mail composition.

Ummm, not that I have anything against UTF-7 (^_^) but why is sending
UTF-8 a problem? Granted it has to be Base64 or Q-P encoded (which is why
UTF-7 was invented in the first place) but there's nothing "illegal"
about that. If your MTA is smart enough to handle ESMTP then it can be
converted to CTE: 8BIT, removing the encoding overhead. I have to admit I
have no idea how many MTAs actually do that.

David Goldsmith
International, Text, and Graphics Group
Apple Computer, Inc.

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