Re: UTF-8 in Netscape

From: Markus G. Kuhn (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 22:01:27 EDT

"Unicode Discussion" wrote on 1997-07-11 23:09 UTC:
> > You're right. I believe that NSC has a bug in it; it seems to result
> > in UTF-7, even though I selected UTF-8.
> No, this is not really a bug. We simply don't allow you send out email
> in certain encoding. We always convert UTF8 back to UTF7 when we send
> out email.

Why? I would like to use UTF-8 in the 8-bit encoding on the e-mail
connection! The email systems are today sufficiently 8-bit transparent
since all the sendmail security upgrades, and even if not, my ESMTP
software would encode the 8-bit UTF-8 as on the fly as quoted printable
UTF-8 in the few very rare cases where the other side speaks only old
7-bit SMTP.

Cosmetic bug report: The correct notation is UTF-8 and not UTF8.
Communicator 4.0 menus lack the hyphen, and since many people will hear
about UTF-8 the first time by seeing it in Netscape menues, it would
be very useful if you could fix this typo. Thanks!


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