Re: bidi in Taiwanese Mandarin (was: bidi support)

Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 05:48:27 EDT

Markus Kuhn schrieb:

>Why? I would like to use UTF-8 in the 8-bit encoding on the e-mail
>connection! The email systems are today sufficiently 8-bit transparent
>since all the sendmail security upgrades, and even if not, my ESMTP
>software would encode the 8-bit UTF-8 as on the fly as quoted printable
>UTF-8 in the few very rare cases where the other side speaks only old
>7-bit SMTP.

UTF-8 may travel well through the transport protocol, but due to the
presence of C1 control characters it can cause errors on displaying and/or
printing the received message. That's the point of inventing UTF-7,5 which
has the nice additional property of being >>almost human readable<< for
latin-1 letters.

--J"org Knappen.

P.S. For information on UTF-7,5 see

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