UTF-7,5 (was: bidi in Taiwanese Mandarin)

From: John Cowan (john_cowan@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 11:06:13 EDT

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Jo"rg Knappen writes:

> UTF-8 may travel well through the transport protocol, but due to the
> presence of C1 control characters it can cause errors on displaying
> and/or printing the received message. That's the point of inventing
> UTF-7,5 which has the nice additional property of being >>almost
> human readable<< for latin-1 letters.

I still think you should use UTF-1 if you have a problem with C1
controls; although no longer part of ISO 10646, it is a registered
transformation. (Plan 9 used to use UTF-1 before UTF-8 was
invented, partly by the Plan 9 people themselves.) UTF-1 does lack
the nice "Lb-sign escape" feature, though.

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