RE: Bring back the return address

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 12:08:42 EDT

    Jon> I liked it better the old way too, as my mail system has a filtering
    Jon> scheme that allowed me to put automatically the Unicode mail into a
    Jon> folder. Now I can't do that, since the rules engine doesn't see the
    Jon> entire header.

    Jon> I believe that the old way was the "wrong" way from the point of view
    Jon> of the protocols, but it sure was useful.

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>> Can't we change the mailing list e-mail sender back to
>> ''? I liked it more two days ago, when I could sort
>> through my mail by sender, scanning the prolific Unicode discussions at
>> once. -- Bob Rosenschein Accent Software
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Use the "To:" and "From:" fields. "To:" gets you the Unicode list, "From:"
gets you the original sender.
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