RE: Bring back the return address

From: Peck, Jon (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 17:04:59 EDT

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> Jon> I liked it better the old way too, as my mail system has a filtering
> Jon> scheme that allowed me to put automatically the Unicode mail into a
> Jon> folder. Now I can't do that, since the rules engine doesn't see the
> Jon> entire header.
> Jon> I believe that the old way was the "wrong" way from the point of
> Jon> of the protocols, but it sure was useful.
>Use the "To:" and "From:" fields. "To:" gets you the Unicode list, "From:"
>gets you the original sender.
>Would that it did: The To: field comes through as just
>Multiple Recipients of
>but the list name is lost. The information is in the header, but the version
>of the header that the Outlook rules can see has lost it, and I don't have a
>choice about the email system.

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