Use SENDER field for Unicode List, please

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 08:49:36 EDT

John Wilcock wrote:
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> The mailing list is now more "correct"ly set up than before, as
> explained to me by Daniel <> when I posted a query

It is. However, leaving blank or stripping out the "Sender:" field at
the actual point of mass redistribution makes for a really weird and
confusing setup.

> about its configuration.
> Ideally a "Sender:" header should also be added.

It most certainly should! Without the normal "Sender: listname" field
(which I use in all lists I administer) many recipients wont know which
list is feeding them messages from other people, when they scan their
incoming mailbox. They will be forced to open each message individually
to find out the name of the list! Okay, so there is an alternative -- we
can all create a special unicode mail filter but we shouldn't be made do

I like the Unicode list, and don't much care which way its "Reply-To:"
field is set, but I do hope that its administrators will accede to the
request that full and proper headers be provided.

Marion Gunn

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