Re: browsers and viewing page source, same?

From: Erik Peterson (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 09:36:29 EDT

> Why doesn't the source look the same?

  It seems some HTML editors (esp. Microsoft's) save
any bytes above 0x7F as character entities, no matter what
character set is specified. These character entities can be
either numeric entities listing the decimal value for the byte
(i.e. Ç is a cedilla) or a named entity (Ç is the
equivalent to Ç). The browser will convert these to the
equivalent value and hopefully then display them correctly,
however, they are near impossible to read or edit on a regular
text editor. This is really frustating for Chinese charsets.

   To handle this I've written a perl script that will convert
back the character entities. It's under the Computer Tools section
at the Chinese Tools page:

Erik Peterson

>Is it not using the browser's
>charset or what exactly? For example, in viewing a page in Spanish it
>display correctly, but after viewing the source of that page and
>looking at the Meta tags, the text is garbled with lots of
>semi-colons and "&" characters.
> I appreciate your explanation.
> Mark Bishop

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