MS Language Packs (was Re: FW: MS-Windows and Unicode Support)

From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Fri Aug 01 1997 - 13:40:52 EDT

At 5:23 PM -0700 1/16/97, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>>Re "how many more
>>years before PC users get a cheap MS knockoff of the Japanese Language Kit
>>the Mac", four such FE language packs are included on the Office 97 CD-ROM as
>>well as on the NT 4.0 CD-ROM and the language packs for Win95 are
>>downloadable for free from

I archived this message in January. When I went to test the link for an
article in Multilingual Computers & Communication, I found that it does not
exist. Can we have an up-to-date reference?

I tried the Microsoft site search and AltaVista without finding anything
but another broken link.

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