Re: Ess-zed (was: Ligaturing)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Aug 16 1997 - 08:22:53 EDT

Ar 17:39 -0700 1997-08-15, scríobh Asmus Freytag:
>Can you post evidence of their occurrence.

Sadly, Asmus, no. I said "I have seen", not "I have in my possession". It
was a periodical like Stern or Spiegel, maybe a bit "lower" on the popular
press side of things. The CAPITAL SHARP S had a flat top and a little
toothlike extension to the left.

  * *
 * *
 * *
  **** *
 * *
 * *
  * *

OK, so this isn't very good and it looks like Tibetan. But what I
understood was that a typographer had designed the character to account for
the problem of automatic capitalization, where "läßt" becomes "LÄßT".

Can anyone explain how you can take a string and automatically capitalize
it from U+00DF to U+0053 U+0053 and then go back without it going back to
U+0073 U+0073?

Would evidence of CAPITAL SHARP Ss lead anyone to want to encode it as an
actual character which could be realized as <SS> or <CAPß>?

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