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From: Geoff Back (Geoff@autocue.MHS.CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat Aug 16 1997 - 10:26:17 EDT

I think what Ken is saying is that instead of attempting to encode a sharp-S
capital (which is semantically NULL) you would have a font containing such
"illegal but used" characters, and switch to it for the character (hence the
<font tag>) then switch back.

The other way to do it (and the way we do) is that we have a special font
that only contains glyphs in capitals - but in both the codepoints for the
capital and the lowercase characters. IE, you would write your headline in
mixed case as usual, but the font images used to render it would display as
capitals. So the image stored for LOWERCASE-SHARP-S would in fact look like
it was a capital. In this way you keep the semantic meaning of the
underlying character points.



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Ar 17:29 -0700 1997-08-15, scriobh Kenneth Whistler:
>> I have seen capital SHARP Ss in magazine headlines. They were clearly
>> designed as capitals to harmonize with headlines in all caps.
>> I know, I know, they aren't supposed to exist. But, horrors, they do.
>> so: how do you code them?
><font tag> U+00DF

Perhaps this is an answer to my question, but I am afraid I do not
understand it, Ken.

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