Re: UTF-8, ISO C Am.1, and POSIX

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Tue Aug 19 1997 - 11:27:06 EDT

Hohberger, Clive P. wrote:
> Marion,
> That's because in the USA we have the "cowboy tradition," not because
> we drive on the right (wrong?) side. EX:
> What do you call a Texan driving on the Autobahn? ... A serial killer!
> Clive Hohberger

Now my curiosity is aroused, I'd appreciate it if someone would tell me
(OFF-list, that is, NOT via unicode how on earth
righthand side driving came into being? After all it was preceded by
hundreds, or more probably, thousands of years of safer (lefthand)
driving (pulling into harbours to dock on the 'port' side, etc.).

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