Re: Unicode font for Mac?

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Tue Aug 19 1997 - 18:05:11 EDT

> Well, I am not very Mac literate. I am trying to view
> HTML files that contain Unicode NCRs via Mac browsers
> (IE 3.01, Netscape 4.01, Cyberdog 2.0). Not one of
> them will render my page but Netscape 4.01 for Win95
> handles if fine using the Cyberbit font. I moved a
> copy of the font to the Mac and converted it, but
> the Mac version of Netscape still would not render
> the NCRs (e.g., ? was rendered as a "?").
> Vince
It will display the text if your have install Language Kit which cover
the characters. For example, if you have install Japanese Language kit,
you should be able to see those NCR represent Japanese Kanji.

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