Re: Communicator Unicode

From: David Goldsmith (
Date: Thu Sep 18 1997 - 21:49:45 EDT

John Gardiner Myers ( wrote:

>Note that UTF-16 is not going to be a legal charset for text/plain or
>any other subtype of the text top-level type, as it does not meet the
>requirement in section 4.1.1 in RFC 2046. Section 4.1.2 suggests that
>this will not prevent UTF-16 from being registered, as the label will be
>useful in other contexts.
>If there is a desire to use UTF-16 in MIME, it will require either a
>subtype of application or a new top-level type. I would suggest that
>such a new type do away with the "charset" parameter and simply specify
>that the contents are in UTF-16.

The HTTP spec specifically overrides this restriction in MIME. UTF-16 is
a legal charset for content type TEXT/* when used in the context of HTTP.

David Goldsmith
International, Text, and Graphics Department
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