Re: Fullwidth and Halfwidth

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Sat Sep 20 1997 - 15:00:58 EDT

Asmus Freytag writes:

> >> As far as I can tell, ISO 10646 is silent on the terms "halfwidth" and
> >> "fullwidth" except to say that the characters so named are provided
> >> for compatibility.
> >
> >That is correct. ISO/IEC 10646 does not consider character properties
> >(other than combining and mirroring) to be part of its charter.
> >The developers of the Unicode Standard, on the other hand, consider
> >character properties to be an integral part of the full specification
> >of the universal character encoding.

The definitions of character attributes of 10646 in ISO, is done in
other standards, such as ISO 14651 and 14652


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