Re: Hmong, Yolongu, ISO, etc.

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 12:49:06 EDT

Well, Martin (since none of the remarks about Chinese, Japanese or Greek in
that transscript can be attributed to myself) I guess that means people
with expertise in the langs you mention have a very big PR job to do, just
getting through to those who need to know.

Ar 02:16 -0700 97/09/24, scríobh Martin J. Dürst:
>On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Marion Gunn wrote:
>> Herewith transcript of recent SBS (Australia) broadcast, by kind permission
>> of Gina Wilkinson. This is a long msg (prints out to four A4 pages in
>> 12pt), so, unless you are particularly concerned with rare languages and
>> scripts, and international standards relating to their use on the internet,
>> go hit your DELETE button now. For the rest of us, read on. With best
>> wishes, Marion Gunn
>This is a very interesting text, and there is certainly much work
>to be done in many areas. But it gives the impression that accented
>characters in general, or Chinese and Japanese, cannot be dealt
>with. This is clearly not true, there are wast and well-working
>Chinese and Japanese nets, and all major browsers can deal with
>the encodings for these languages as well as Greek and many others.
>Regards, Martin.

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