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Date: Sun Sep 28 1997 - 12:24:37 EDT

Thank you for continuing to provide such a useful service, Luistxo and
Marije! Gura fada buan faoi rath sibh (Irish Gaelic, wishing you long life
and prosperity). I am passing your msg (below) to CELTIC-L, as well as to
some lists for people with a more general interest in International
Standards (both operational and under onstruction) to do with linguistic
and cultural issues, which include many members concerned with the future
of indigenous European languages, among others.

To other readers of this message: Luistxo Fernandez & Marije Manterola,
co-authors of the attached message, are Basque and live in the Basque
Country, a nation divided between two states.
Marion Gunn

Those primarily interested in transliteration matters may wish to go first to:
<> (accents, diacritic signs,
special characters, transliteration systems for non latin alphabets).

Ar 08:02 +0100 97/09/28, scríobh Luistxo ta Marije:
>Table Index
>Hello there!
>Greetings from GeoNative, the Basque site dedicated to minority languages
>and placenames at:
>Now also shortcut through:
>Well, it is 10 months since GeoNative was created and it keeps growing. We
>have updated all pages with a new layout and, most important, now THERE ARE
>MAPS in most pages.
>This is the current list of languages with placename tables:
>Abenaki (New England); Abkhazian; Albanian minorities abroad; Aragonese;
>Armenian; Azeri; Basque; Belorussian; Breton; Catalan; Cheyenne ; Cornish;
>Corsican; Crimean Tatar; Croatian minorities abroad; Danish in Germany;
>Finnish in Sweden and Russia; Flemish (Dutch); Frisian; Friulian; Galician;
>Georgian; German minorities abroad; Guarani; Guarani (Paraguay); Hungarian
>minorities abroad; Inuit; Irish; Italian in Croatia; Karakalpak; Karelian;
>Kawesqar (Chile); Kazakh; Kyrgyz; Lallans (Scotland); Livonian;
>Luxembourgish; Macedonian; Malayalam; Mansi; Manx; Maori; Mari; Moldovan;
>Navajo; Occitan; Ojibwe; Pueblo languages in New Mexico; Romansh; Rusyn;
>Sami; Sardinian; Scanian; Scottish Gaelic; Slovene minorities abroad;
>Sorbian; Swedish in Finland; Tajik; Tamil; Tatar; Tibetan, Taiwanese
>natives; Turkmen; Ukrainian; Uyghur; Uzbek; Votic and other Finno-Ugric
>languages; Walloon; Welsh; Yiddish; Zulu-Xhosa.
>All this was possible thanks to people like you.
>We hope support from people interested in minority languages will help us
>growing and putting more minority languages right on the map. Right now, we
>are expecting to add new tables about Chechen, Telugu, Aymara...
>** Eskerrik asko eta ondo izan
>Thanks everybody, and have a good time
>Luistxo & Marije
>This is a collective message to people that has collaborated or been in
>contact with GeoNative previously. It is a sort of mini-spam. Pardon to
>those who did not liked it.
>* Luistxo Fernandez * Marije Manterola-----------------------------
> *
>* GeoNative *
>Hizkuntza gutxiagotuak mapetan - Put minority languages on the map!
>maite ditut maite gure bazterrak lanbroak izkutatzen dizkidanean

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