Re: Going Off Line? Why Not Start Here?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 07:21:53 EDT

13:29 -0700 1997-09-26, Sarasvati lilekha:

>Occasionally I see requests to take the discussion "off line",
>but I've noticed there is no place for off line discussions.
>Where would they go? I have therefore created an offline list.
>It is not a jest, it is "". The subscription
>and maintenance address is "".
>The help file is attached below, so you will know it is real.
>Anyone may subscribe to "offline", conduct their brief offline
>business, and unsubscribe at will. It's as simple as can be.
>I most sincerely hope you all will find it a useful and productive
>place to take your discussion when it is overly technical, or very
>boring, or too detailed, or too off-subject, or perhaps even too
>exciting for the regular mail list.
>Your eager and unsleeping servant
>in all reasonable matters,
> -- Sarasvati

Thank you, O wise Sarasvati. I will go and ask the IPA guys (who may not
wish to subscribe to something as mailer-intensive as the Unicode List) if
they would like to go "offline". Of course, for them, it is going "online".

Current offline discussion (which will be summarized) involves assembling a
list of missing phonetic characters (some new, some old, some IPA, some
not) for inclusion in the standard, as well as the usual principled stuff
about what is a ligature and what is not.... :-)

Om naam Sarasvataye namah.

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