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From: Hohberger, Clive P. (
Date: Mon Sep 29 1997 - 17:23:00 EDT

Arnold and Lori: thanks so much for the info.

Since I need to get back to the SC31 barcode and label printing
community asap so that we can design the appropriate characters, put
them in updated firmware, and be able to print them on labels and
design them into into future barcodes... Can some please tell me the
final resolution of the 8-bit character mapping question?

1. What will be the 8-bit character mapping of these keyboards?
        Is it always the same?
2. What will be the 8-bit EBCIDIC mapping of the Euro sign?

Clive Hohberger
SC31 liaison to SC2

From: Winkler, Arnold F
To: Multiple Recipients of
Subject: "euro" on PC keyboard
Date: Monday, September 29, 1997 12:09PM


Sometimes it makes sense to look, what the industry leaders are doing.
The location of the "euro" on the PC keyboards might be one of these
times. Microsoft, after checking with their local experts, will place
the euro as follows:

(This information comes from the extremly helpful and knowledgeable Lori
Brown )

Keyboard support for Euro(U+20AC)

AltGr+5 DA : Danish
AltGr+5 EST : Estonia
AltGr+5 FI : Finnish
AltGr+5 FO : Faroese
AltGr+5 GKL : Greek Latin
AltGr+5 IC : Icelandic
AltGr+5 NO : Norwegian
AltGr+5 PO : Portuguese - KBD163
AltGr+5 SW : Swedish
AltGr+5 USX : US-International
AltGr+5 IT : Italian
AltGr+5 IT142 : Italian 142
AltGr+5 SP : Spanish
AltGr+4 LV : Latvia
AltGr+4 LV1 : Latvia-QWERTY
AltGr+4 UK : United Kingdom
AltGr+4 IR : Irish
AltGr+e BE : Belgian (French KBD120)
AltGr+e BENE : Belgian Dutch 120
AltGr+e NE : Dutch - KBD143
AltGr+e FR : French
AltGr+e SG : Swiss German
AltGr+e SF : Swiss French
AltGr+e GR : German
AltGr+e GR1 : German_IBM
AltGr+e CR : Croatian/Slovenian
AltGr+e YCL : Serbian_Latin
AltGr+e YCC : Serbian_Cyrillic
AltGr+e MAC : Macedonian_Cyrillic
AltGr+e TUF : Turkish F 440
AltGr+e TUQ : Turkish Q 179
AltGr+e LT : Lithuania
AltGr+e LT1 : Lithuanian_New
AltGr+e CZ : Czech
AltGr+e CZ1 : Czech 101
AltGr+e CZ2 : Czech_Programmer's
AltGr+e SL : Slovak
AltGr+e SL1 : Slovak(QWERTY)

AltGr+e (epsilon) for all five Greek keyboard layouts :
        HE : Greek
        HE220 : Greek IBM 220
        HE319 : Greek IBM 319
        HELA2 : Greek IBM 220 Latin
        HELA3 : Greek IBM 319 Latin

AltGr+u HU : Hungarian
AltGr+u HU1 : Hungarian 101
AltGr+u PL : Polish
AltGr+u PL1 : Polish Programmer's
Arnold F. Winkler - Standards Management
Tel: 610-993-7305, (Unisys NET-322-7305)
Fax: 610-695-5473

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