Re: Communicator Unicode and Alain LaBonté

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 02:38:50 EDT

Ar 07:58 -0700 1997-10-12, scríobh Alain LaBont\i ordi1dgsig:
>[Alain] :
>On a forum (using French) called france_langue to which I participate, we
>have correspondents in Japan, Taiwan, Iceland, USA, and so on, and all use
>8-bit headers. It is a fact, not biased.

Don't be silly, Alain. I have been receiving your 8-bit headers as LaBontË
for a long time now. I don't like it, but there is nothing I can do about
it. They're 8-bit, and I use MIME all the time with Eudora, but she can't
fix it, and I can't get you to do anything else! Cc:ing you, Alain LaBonté
in with this message, sent by our trusty servant Eudora; I wonder what you
will receive.

>[Alain] :
>It is *not* *not OK* to open channels to speak users' languages by all
>means, imho. It would recommend correcting something which precludes
>communications in non-English by all means, whether it was voluntary or not
>at the origin (it became voluntary in the recent years, using a dogma as a


>[Martin] :
>>Currently, we have Q for Quoted Printable, and B for Base64.
>>I can quite immaginge that at one point we will get an additional
>>R for raw. With that, your examlpes, in full syntax, would look like:
>> =?iso-8859-1?R?Alain LaBonté?=
>> =?UTF-8?R?Alain LaBont$@C)(J?=
>>Maybe I'll write an internet-draft about this when I find time :-).
>>My proposal, as already stated, would be to allow the later one
>>directly, as:
>> Alain LaBont$@C)(J
>>to get rid of the encoded-words in the long term. Such things
>>will probably get introduced somewhere sooner or later, but
>>my guess is that maybe News or HTTP will be sooner, and Mail
>>will be later.

Unannounced headers? You can only do this if everyone uses the same thing,

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