Re: Euro currency sign

Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 10:00:26 EDT

Manuel Carasco wrote:


>A position should be found for the euro currency sign in ASCII and

No. ISO 646 is fortunately dead, and it should not be revitalised due to
the Euro sign.

>Latin1 (ISO 8859-1), as there will be many systems using these
>encoding after the euro is introduced.

>The position chosen should have some desirable characteristics:
> - Little or not used.
> - Minimal harms</em> if the euro or the original glyph appears.
> - In the lower table (positions 0 to 127), as it is valid for both
> - Present in the qwerty keyboard.
>The following position is proposed:
> Unicode number Glyph Name

No, no, and no. First of all, the | was among the nationally replacable
characters in IS0 646 (note: ASCII was only the usonian national variant of
a larger family of character sets). It was at least used in the german and
swedish national variant of ISO 646, probably in more. And taking the
vertical bar away causes harm to every programmer, due to its prominent
functions in UNIX (pipe sign), C, Perl, and other modern programming

--J"org Knappen

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