RE: Euro currency sign

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Oct 16 1997 - 03:22:54 EDT

Ar 09:47 -0700 1997-10-15, scríobh Chester, Bernard:
>I have only one objection to these proposals, which is the same one
>others have expressed:
> you cannot play with ASCII; in fact, an argument could be made
>that ASCII does not need the Euro character. I believe that it belongs
>in the range 128 -255, like the yen and pound characters.
>Here's an idea to remove the Unicode issue mentioned:
> I know that the Unicode committee has a resistance to changing
>the symbol attached to any assigned code point, but since the existing
>symbol has never come into existence (this is true, isn't it?), this
>might be a case for re-assigning the old codepoint to the new symbol.
>Is this so unspeakable?

Well, yes. It is unspeakable.

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