Re: Euro

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 13:55:37 EDT

> >However, a new part of 8859 has been proposed in SC2/WG3 which will
> >contain the EURO SIGN in either the position of the PLUS-MINUS sign or
> >the CURRENCY SIGN (it seems to be controversial and hopefully will be
> >resolved by the current ballot on the CD.
> This not solve the 7 bits problem.
The method for transmitting 8-bit characters on a 7-bit communication
channel is well established by ISO 2022, and applies not just to the Euro
sign, but to the "right half" of all the ISO 8859 Latin alphabets and all
other registered "8-bit" character sets (quotes because in the ISO 2022
world, there is nothing intrinsically "8-bit" about any character set).

- Frank

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