Re: FW: Most widely used EBCDIC page (was: ECU and euro - bo

From: Lisa Moore (
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 15:42:55 EDT

Just let me add that CP 1047 is the EBCDIC equivalent of 8859-1. It's key use
is in our MVS Open Edition environment. By and large, the MVS OS pays very
little attention to code pages other than to assume that the character world is
EBCDIC. If any assumptions are made, it would be that the code page is CP 037.
Lots of products are built on top, and I am sure there are many different
assumptions, data exchange mechanisms, conversions and non-conversions going on.

From all the phone calls I get, and all the code page "situations" I hear
about, I would say there is an awful lot of EBCDIC data, in a whole bunch of
different code pages, very much in use.


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