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From: Lisa Moore (
Date: Mon Nov 03 1997 - 16:45:48 EST are correct, Martin, that directional overrides end by block
separators (the paragraph separator and line separator) or by the PDF,
but more than one character can follow the RLO or LRO. Within a
paragraph one could use RLO or LRO to force a certain direction.

        11-03-97 12:35 PM
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On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Lisa Moore wrote:

> >Setting a text
> >in left-to-right direction that runs over several lines with
> >overrides
> >is not absolutely impossible, but extremely tedious; every
> >character has to be enclosed in an LRO-PDF pair
> Not so, explicit overrides (LRO, RLO) change all the following
> characters within an explicit embedding level.

Really sorry for that! I somehow had the impression that BDO
doesn't go across line breaks.

Regards, Martin.

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