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Date: Fri Nov 07 1997 - 10:20:03 EST

A 05:00 07/11/97 -0800, Kenneth Whistler a écrit :
>John Cowan's interesting summary of ISO 2022 noted:
> ISO 2022 is an extremely rich and complex standard, with a very
> large number of options, many of which have never been used in practice,
> and only a few of which are typically exercised at one time.
>which might be paraphrased as:
> "All the rope you need to hang yourself *and* all your friends
> and neighbors!"
>What's so great about ISO 2022 is that any byte (except 27) can mean
>anything. What a wonderful way to encode text. Such power!

[Alain] :
I could not agree more... When I campaigned 27 countries in 1991 (and 21
countries in the second vote in 1993) on behalf of SHARE Europe to ask them
to vote in favour of UNICODE to replace the previous UCS project which
would have used ISO/IEC 2022 until the end of times, that was what we had
in mind. It is still true. UNICODE is a big enhancement compared to this
complicated problem, regaldless of slighter problems of all natures
(nothing is perfect, but things evolve, and that is what is nice with

Alain LaBonté

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