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Date: Mon Nov 10 1997 - 16:39:52 EST

Ar 13:06 -0800 1997-11-10, scríobh Kenneth Whistler:
>ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Western Europe
>ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) Eastern Europe
>ISO 8859-3 (Latin-3) Turkey (deprecated)
>ISO 8859-4 (Latin-4) Northern Europe
>ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic
>ISO 8859-6 Arabic
>ISO 8859-7 Greek
>ISO 8859-8 Hebrew
>ISO 8859-9 (Latin-5) Turkey
>ISO 8859-10 (Latin-6) Baltic Rim
>ISO 8859-11 Thai (suspended)

Thai has not been suspended, I don't think.

>ISO 8859-12 Devanagari (suspended)

8859-12 is currently unassigned.

>DIS 8859-13 (Latin-7) Baltic
>DIS 8859-14 (Latin-8) Celtic
>CD 8859-15 ("Latin-0") Western Europe
>Not all of these have been formally approved and published

No, they are at DIS and CD stage. Or nearly so in the case of Latin "0",
which everyone pretends is not Latin 9.

>To get the formal list of languages intended for coverage,
>get a copy of one of the standards themselves, or perhaps
>someone else on this list would like to post a summary or
>a pointer.

Annex A of the 8859 standard summarizes this. I am doing an HTML version of
the current draft for 8849-14 (of which I am the editor) and will let you
know when it is up.

>Of course, ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode) is intended to cover *all* of
>the languages and countries of the world.

Even the languages and countries of the Otherworld. ;-)

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