Which O/S support Unicode?

From: Tex Texin (texin@bedford.progress.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 10 1997 - 18:44:30 EST

I need to update my list of which operating systems support Unicode. I am
interesting in knowing:

1) if Unicode is supported internally (i.e. the API is based on Unicode
being used in strings) and

2) whether the User Interface utilizes Unicode (can I edit text with
Unicode characters?)

For example, I believe if were discussing Windows, we could say NT is
Unicode for both UI and API, whereas Win95 is not Unicode for UI, but is
for (most) API dealing with text.

So please help me fill in this table (add other O/S at the end):

Operating System Version UI API
Sun Solaris 2.6 Yes Yes
IBM AIX 4.x Yes Yes
SGI IRIX 6.4 No No
*IRIX supports conversions between UCS4, UCS2, UTF8 & other charsets
Next OpenStep Yes Yes
Apple Rhapsody Yes Yes
NetWare 4.x No Yes
Windows NT 4.x Yes Yes
Windows 95 No Yes

If you reply to me privately, I will post the results back to the list.


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