Re: Is 14755 [Input methods to enter UCS characters] an ISO/IEC international standard yet?

From: Alain LaBont\i - 2 (
Date: Thu Nov 13 1997 - 14:03:15 EST

A 16:04 12/11/97 -0500, Alexis Cheng (IBM NLTC) a écrit :
>Bonjour Alain,
>Has 14755 (UCS input method) achieved ISO/IEC international standard status
>yet? If oui, are there much changes between the DIS and IS?

[Alain] :
Yes, it has been published in English and French as an International
Standard, I got official copies as editor at my office.

There are some changes between the DIS and the IS, but not major to my
knowledge, and not technical, if my memory is good. But it is always better
to get the official version before seriously implementing a standard.

Alain LaBonté
Sunnyvale, California

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